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    The quad's small size is perfect for navigating indoors, though, and the landing gear does double duty as prop guards (though it doesn't protect them from hard landings). It looks and sounds like a small flying insect and although the motors are strong enough to fly outside, it'll get blown around a bit in the wind. Otherwise, it's very stable and getting it to hover is pretty easy.At $170 (£135, AU$260) the Glimpse is toward the high end of toy-class drones. Like the UTO it offers first-person view flying (FPV) via a Wi-Fi connection and the Glimpse app for Android and iOS. It will also record 720p-resolution video and 1-megapixel photos to an included microSD card. The video downlink range is up to 80 feet (24 meters) and, while there is a slight lag, it's much better than the UTO's range and video performance.

    Battery life with video is good at about 7 minutes and batteries and spare parts are readily available and fairly inexpensive. A battery will run you about $12, for example.

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    The most "toy" of the models here, but just so much fun to fly. I mean, it is the Millennium Falcon after all, and the controller will even scream out sound effects as you fly around.

    The body is basically made from Styrofoam and its four propellers are completely protected on their sides (steer clear of the single-rotor version). This makes for fairly safe flights indoors, but it really can't handle anything more than a slight breeze outside.

    There is unfortunately no easy way to access the battery, so once the battery winds down after a little more than 5 minutes of flight you're waiting about an hour for it to fully charge up again.

    You don't get much for your $70 (or about £80 in the UK and AU$145 in Australia if you can find it): Just the drone, a controller and a USB charging cable. Still, it is the Millennium Falcon.

    Recommended for: Crash-prone indoor pilots. This one is very easy to fly and soft enough to not do any damage to furniture and walls. A good fit for anyone -- young or old -- who just wants a cool little quad to fly around the house.

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